Stem cells

Stem cells today are the most promising method for the treatment of many complex diseases which are not subject to medical treatment, as well as to prolong youth and beauty.

A unique wellness and health resort is now open in Malaysia. Orchard Wellness & Health Resort is conveniently located only 40 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur. 

Package includes:

Welcome Beverage and Tour of The Orchard Resort.

All meals: Individualised Wellness Cuisine + Detox Juices

Individual Health, Nutrition and Aesthetic Consultation.

1 Body Mass Index (BMI) Profiling.

1 Basic Bio-Resonance Scan (with Report).

1 The Orchard 5 Star Health Screening Program (with Report)

Inclusive of:

  • Liver Function
  • Kidney Function
  • Lipid Profile
  • Diabetes
  • Full Blood Exam
  • Full Urine Exam
  • Blood Grouping
  • Thyroid Function
  • Arthritis
  • RPR (VDRL)
  • Hepatitis B Screening

1 Abdominal Massage.

1 Ozone Treatment

1 Colonic Hydrotherapy (Recommended Detox programm

 Optional Detox Programmes: Choose 2 only if prefer others than the above

(Intravenous Oxygen Therapy/ Chelation Therapy/ IV Blood Laser Therapy)

2 Onnetsuki Heat Treatment

1Body Scrub

3 Massage: Aromatherapy/ Balinese/ Malaysian Traditional Urut

1 Far Infrared Medical Sauna

3 Speleotherapy in Himalayan Salt Room

CELL Transplant:

Autologous Cell Transplant of 10 organs,500 million cells transplant(As per organ)

Orchard Resort is fitted with the most cutting edge equipment and offers a variety of treatments under a watchful eye of a specialists. Rejuvenation and de-stress, weight loss programs and treatment of sleep disorders, cleansing and even stem cell transplant program are just a few examples of a wide range of treatments at the Orchard Resort. Among the most popular are our detox and weight loss programs with its proven effective methodology. In-house doctor chooses a customized program for each patient upon evaluation.

Body Contouring (Coolsculpting) – FDAapproved

Easy and relaxing way to reshape your body is by eliminating fat cells underneath the skin without damaging the skin. The device uses radio frequencies (RF) to freeze and crystallize fat cells. Overtime the crystallized fat cell will shrink and die. The dead fat cells will be naturally metabolized by your body to eliminate it. Therefore, after the treatment you will be able to notice a measurable reduction in the targeted area. The device acts only on hypodermal fat cells and does not affect normal cells. Effectively reduces fat layer with remarkable result in 2-4 months after the treatment. Does not restrict daily activities after treatment and does not have a yo-yo effect on body weight after discontinuation of the program.

The method is suitable for people who have stubborn pocket of fats in problematic areas. Suitable for the moms to undergo the treatment 8 weeks  after  delivery.

Body Contouring (Vanquish) – FDA approved

Vanquish technology is used for slimming to melt the excessive abdominal fat. The device does not come in contact with the skin and it can cover large surface area such as abdomen at one time. It works by releasing a form of electricity, which is tuned specially to detect and destroy the fat cells without affecting your normal cells. Overtime the destroyed fat cells will be eliminated through your body elimination process. The treatment is painless and covers large surfaces. The temperature of the surface can be controlled to avoid uncomfortable heating sensation and burns. There is no restriction to daily activities after the treatment and no yo-yo effect on body weight after discontinuation of the program. Suitable for people with excessive stubborn fat in the abdomen area..

Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*

Surrounded by lush greenery, The Orchard Wellness & Health Resort is located in Melaka. It welcomes guests with an outdoor swimming pool, therapeutic spa treatments and free WiFi access.

Rooms are spacious and stylish. Each is fitted with air conditioning, tea/coffee making facilities and large windows overlooking tropical foliage. There is also an en suite bathroom equipped with a bathtub and toiletries.

Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*
Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*
Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*
Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*
Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*
Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*
Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*
Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*
Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5*

Hotel guests will find themselves in ultimate harmony with nature and will be pampered with impeccable service.


The hotel boasts its very own fruit orchard with over 400 types of fruits grown here. You can take a leisurely stroll, ride a bicycle or even pick a fruit you like off a tree and have a bite.


You can have a movie night in at hotel’s own cinema or catch a break in a garden feeling synergy with nature and energize at this wonderful  Orchard.


We offer you a healthy menu cooked with home grown and eco-friendly products, state of the art fitness centre with TechnoGym equipment, various sport classes and activities: yoga, aqua aerobics, jungle trekking, swimming pool, thermal pool, SPA-centre, sauna, Jacuzzi and the mineral rooms where any stress can be relieved in no time allowing you to sleep like a baby afterwards.

-6 days/5 nights accommodation -
- food -
- medical examination -
- transplantation -

* Package price per person, double occupancy. Stem cells (rejuvenation)

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